Montessori Guidelines

Sunny Meadows Nursery curriculum covers the following topics: Montessori concepts, themes, sensorial, practical life exercises, languages, maths, science & culture, environment, sports and finally music & drama in addition to field trips & parties.

Keeping the Montessori philosophy in mind, please try not to compare your child with others. Some children may need more time to cover the topics planned. Each child has his/her own ability.

Montessori working hours are from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm, Sunday – Thursday.

Parents will not normally go into classrooms during working hours, unless invited to participate in a chosen activity.

It is to the benefit of the child to inform us of any new events or problems that the child may suffer (such as, health problems, social changes, and a new birth in the family). Information helps us to deal properly with your child.

Children should be provided daily with healthy meals such as sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, milk, juices, etc.

All kinds of nuts or food containing nuts are forbidden, especially peanuts.

Chips, sweets and carbonated drinks are not allowed and will be sent back.
Toys and personal items are not allowed.

Lost and found items will be displayed at the front desk area.

Children are not allowed to bring or wear gold & valuable accessories.

Only parents and emergency persons listed are allowed to pick up the children.

Parents are requested to pay fees on due dates.

Parents are not allowed to offer part-time jobs or ask for additional services from any of the Sunny Meadows workers, teachers or nannies.

Please label and send the following:

Complete outfit (shorts, t-shirt & underwear), nappies and wipes (if needed).